The Descriptive Episode Outline

This is a brief outline of how the DESCRIPTIVE episodes are structured as well as some technical infos.


The podcast has two parts.  An interview part and a part where we talk about our picks (more on the picks part in a bit).

We start out by asking you how you got started with programming. In this podcast we are trying to capture the "programmer origin story" of our guests so to speak. This is something that is barely covered in podcasts and at the same time it is very valuable information to find out our various backgrounds and ways into our field.

That conversation then leads into your current projects via our questions.

Once the interview part is over we transition into the picks part. 

Each one of us comes with 3 picks of things we like plus one music pick. A normal pick could be literally anything. A person, an article, a book, a game, a place etc. The music pick has to be music.

We go back and forth describing our picks. After that we do the sign off and we say bye.

The reason why we ask the guests about their background and why we have a picks section in the podcast is to give the listener context on who the guest is and also we just love picks. Rather than only knowing about the cool project / library / startup the guest is working on we want the listener to come away from the episode having just a little extra context.

How long will this take?

The average episode length is about an hour and a half. Please plan for about 2 hours.

Technical Stuff

  • We'll be talking over Skype (audio only). The Skype name to call is "kahlil.lechelt".
  • We will need you to record your side of the conversation. If you have a Mac you can just use Quicktime. If you use Windows you can use Audacity. We will walk you through how to do that before we start recording if you need help.

Tips for improving your Audio Quality

  • If you have access to a microphone and know how to use it, that would be the best option. If not, a headset with microphone will do. Your cell phone ear buds with microphone should be fine. Your laptop microphone will produce poor audio, please try to avoid this option.
  • Please make sure that you only run programs during the recording you actually need. If possible, shut down things like Dropbox, Email, Slack, online backup, etc. Basically anything that uses bandwidth or could make noise.
  • If possible use Ethernet rather than Wifi.
  • Mute your cell phone.
  • Try to be in a quiet room for the recording.


Happy new year everybody! 

DESCRIPTIVE has been on a little hiatus starting from December 2014. The show will be back with an excellent guest in mid-January.

I hope you liked the first round of episodes! If you would like to support the show please go ahead and leave a review on iTunes and/or recommend the show to your friends and on social media. 

Thank you so much for listening.