AirPods case not charging – Quick fix instructions

I know that feeling. You end up having a busy day, and your AirPods have no battery left. You put them back in your charger and leave them alone. You take out your headphones the next day to realize the battery is at 0%.

Why? How could this happen if your Airpod’s case was plugged and charging?

If your AirPods case is not charging anymore, let us help you do a short series of fixes before taking them back to Apple’s store.

AirPods or Case? where’s the problem?

While many people report problems with their AirPods not charging even if the charger has some battery left, your case is different. Your AirPods still charge without problems, but the problem is your case isn’t charging up, and it can’t pass that battery juice to your headphones after that.

While the faulty case isn’t as typical as one (or both) AirPods having problems, it still happens sometimes. It’s easy to identify because the moment you plug it, you see the light, and your AirPods might even charge if you put them back in the case, but once the case is unplugged, they stop charging, and the case remains at 0%.

This bug is mainly a software issue, which is good because it can be easily solved in a few steps. In some cases, it could be a faulty case as well, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and follow these quick fixes to see if your charger works again.

Quick Fix 1 – Change your USB cable

Unless you have a wireless case, and even then, try plugging it into your computer or wall charger with another USB-to-lightning cable and see if that works. Sometimes we think a device is damaged, but a faulty USB cable could be behind the problem.

After all, we use USB cables all the time, and they tend to break or lose strength after a while. Sometimes the pins in the lightning connector get rusty or dusty or both, so make sure you clean it if possible, but testing it with a second cable is the best way to discard this accessory and move to the next step.

Quick Fix 2 – Try another charger

If you’re charging your AirPods case with a USB wall adapter, try plugging it into another one before anything else. If you have a Mac or PC, also plug it in 2 different ports at least to see if the charger is the problem or not. If both the cable and charger are OK and they work with other devices (i.e., iPhone or other USB devices), then it’s probably a case’s problem.

At least now you know you won’t look like a fool when you arrive at the Apple store and everything works fine with their chargers/cables.

airpods case not charging fix

Quick Fix 3 – Reset your AirPods case

Remember we said it could be a software issue? If the problem isn’t the cable or the charger, you can still reset your case and see if that works.

To reset the AirPods case, locate the setup button in its back. Press and hold it for 15 seconds or until the light flashes amber and then white. The case should be restored now to default, and you could try again and see if it charges.

However, since your case might be completely out of battery, you can also try connecting it to the charger for a minute or two, open the lid with both headphones inside and reset it again to see if that works.

Most of the time, this completely fixes your problem. However, if this didn’t work, read below.

Quick Fix 4 – Clean the AirPod’s case charging port

Whether you have a wireless or wired case, try cleaning the lightning charging port and see if that helps. Charging ports are commonly transported in our jeans or backpacks, and they can grab dust and other small particles from the bottom of our pockets.

Please don’t use any liquid or cleaning substances to clean it. If you see something inside, try blowing it away. Otherwise, you can also try cleaning it with a toothbrush to ensure a pin isn’t being blocked by dust or dirt.

Connect your charging cable and try again.

Slow Fix – Take it to the Apple store

Finally, if none of the four fixes before worked out, and your AirPod’s case stopped working suddenly, it might be time to visit the Apple store and see what a genius tells you. These problems are more common than people think, so most probably, they’ll know how to fix it, or if not, you might get a new replacement as long as you’re under warranty.

That’s it. Hopefully, this article will help you fix your AirPod case before running to your closest Apple store, and leave any comments or suggestions if you have anything else to add!

15 thoughts on “AirPods case not charging – Quick fix instructions”

  1. I have had constant problems with my AirPod 2 right pod not holding a charge. I would charge the case, see that both pods and case were at 100% on the IPhone battery widget in the evening. The next morning, after just sitting on my desk, the right pod was down to nothing, maybe 0%. It was replaced “under warranty”, but the replacement started exhibiting the same symptom.

    It appears that if I “wiggle” the right pod in the case, the IPhone battery widget will show the lightening bolt on the right pod as charging. But again, the next morning, it doesn’t registered on the battery widget, or shows 0%.

    Something definitely wrong here

  2. can someone help my air pods have been like this for almost a week and the case wont charge my air pods the light on the air pods case only turn on when charging

  3. My i12 power bank was at 0%
    So I couldn’t find it immediately…so it was really low
    When I later saw it I plugged it but it wasn’t charging again like it wasn’t blinking the red charging light..but whenever I long press the power button on the power bank, it shows the red charging light and whenever I release the button, the light dies again…
    I don’t know what to do again

  4. I have 3rd gen airpods and this did not work for me. What did work for some strange reason was leaving the airpods case open. The left one began to charge as normal and is now working fine. My right pod will charge with the case closed, but my left will only charge with it open.

  5. well my airpod case isn’t charging and o have tried everything and I am getting upset like the light wont stay on when charging and and it goes on and off..

  6. Thanks a lot for this article. It helped me fix the issue and it’s now working smoothly. I’ve been looking up other articles on fixing my Airpods but they haven’t really been detailed and as easy to get as this. Thanks again.

  7. I have tried everything on this list (except the Apple Store one, because i don’t have an Apple Store near me) and it still doesn’t work, there is no light and my airpods and case have no battery…. I don’t know what to do


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