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5 Best Bass Headphones for 2023

Every person listens a little differently from others. On top of that, every person has a unique taste when it comes to musical genres. If you listen to many genres like dubstep, EDM, or hip-hop, you likely want headphones that can add that punch to your music. While there are many bass-heavy headphones in the market, even some brands are recognized to be very bassy, and it’s vital to keep a good balance so you don’t lose detail in other areas of the track. Too much bass will ruin your experience with muddy or muffled results. Here are the best bass headphones you can buy in 2023.

Best bass headphones – How do we choose our runner-ups?

First of all, availability. There are hundreds of headphones, but many are not available right now, and some others have been discontinued—secondly, price. We have set a maximum price of $350 since the sound quality is outstanding. There are even some headphones focused on Studio purposes. A higher price ceiling will quickly land into diminishing returns territory.

Finally, user reviews are very important. When hundreds or even thousands of people positively review one product.

One final note, please consider that the following list has no particular order. Now, here are five fabulous headphones with great bass and some alternatives.

Sennheiser HD 650

There’s no doubt that Sennheiser has earned a name in the headphone space, producing some of the best headphones on the market. The HD 650 boasts exceptional neutral sound while keeping the bass powerful enough to be noticed. They are not the most bass-heavy headphones in the world, but the sound quality is superb, not to be included in the list.

They are lightweight thanks to the aluminum frame, with a total of 0.59 pounds. The aluminum grants them a premium feel compared to other models.

Please take into consideration two things. First, the HD 650 headphones are an open-back design. That means maybe, they are not the most suitable headphones if you commute frequently. Secondly, these are 300 Ohms impedance headphones, meaning that an amplifier must be used.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

If you are into audio, you likely have heard of Audio Technica. Especially the ATH-M50x is popular because of its clear and detailed sound, including the low frequencies. Furthermore, the ATH-M50x is widely used by music producers, which should give you an idea of their sound quality.

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Many users mentioned that the stock earpads are not the most comfortable. Some users even suggest that changing the ear pads turns the ATH-M50x into the perfect headphones.

All in all, the Audio Technica ATH M50x looks elegant. They are available in white and metallic orange if you feel adventurous. It’s available in a wireless version for a few bucks more.

V-Moda Crossfade LP2

If bass is your wish, then it has been granted with the V-Moda Crossfade LP2. Another benefit is that you will turn some heads with the unique design of these headphones.

While the design is outstanding, it can be considered bulky. Nevertheless, they are comfortable with better pressure distribution to ensure optimal comfort even for long sessions, although you might end up with a headphone dent.

One exciting thing about the LP2 is that the cable is reinforced with Kevlar! The same material is used for body armor, bulletproof vests, aerospace engineering, and more.

Sony WH1000XM3

The Sony WH1000XM3 wireless headphones have active noise cancellation (ANC) and touch controls. Very compelling features that set them apart from other models.

The sound is less balanced than other models in this list. Some people even consider the Sony WH1000XM3 too bassy for some genres. Well, they were looking for bass-heavy headphones. Weren’t they?

Since they are closed over-ear headphones (check the difference between open and closed-back headphones), the breathability lacks a little bit. Please don’t misunderstand me. They will not warn your ears that much. Even so, I will not recommend them for running or working out.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic is another brand that gained popularity, bringing some competition to Sennheiser and Audio Technica. The DT 990 Pro delivers an excellent audio reproduction for bass; there’s a good amount without being overpowered.

Two different versions of these headphones are available – 80 Ohm and 250 Ohm. The 80 Ohm model will be the better choice if you’re a smartphone or console user. The 250 Ohm model will produce a clearer sound, the difference is noticeable, but without a headphone Amp, you won’t notice the difference.

By design (open over-ear), they don’t offer noise isolation from ambient and will have sound leakage. I strongly suggest not to use them in public spaces and public transport.

Best bass headphones – Other headphones to keep an eye on

There are many more models to discover in different price points, shapes, colors, and features. Be sure to check some of them; I’m convinced you will find some surprises.

Below you will find a list of other headphones that could satisfy your thirst for bass.

  • Jabra Elite 85h Wireless
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
  • Microsoft Surface Wireless Headphones
  • Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless
  • Bose QuietControl 30/QC30 Wireless
  • Jabra Elite Active 65t Truly Wireless
  • Skullcandy Crusher Wireless 2016
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Now that you know our best bass headphones TODAY, let us know if you have any comments or questions below, and enjoy that extra punch!

How do I boost the bass even further?

To boost the bass even further while listening to music, there are a few steps you can take depending on your operating system and the streaming service you use.

1. Adjust sound settings on your device: Start by going into the sound settings on your device. This can typically be found under Settings or System Preferences. Look for options related to audio or sound and explore any available equalizer settings.

2. Explore operating system options: Depending on the operating system you are using, there may be specific settings for enhancing bass. For example, on an iPhone, you can navigate to Settings > Music > Playback > EQ and choose a “Bass Booster” option. Explore similar options in the sound settings of your own operating system.

3. Utilize personalized equalizer settings: Some operating systems allow for personalized equalizer settings, which can give you precise control over different frequency ranges. Look for options that let you adjust sliders for bass frequencies to further boost the bass according to your preferences.

4. Leverage streaming service settings: Different streaming services offer varying degrees of freedom when it comes to changing equalizer settings. For instance, if you use Spotify Premium, you may have access to detailed EQ settings, allowing you to fine-tune the bass and other audio frequencies to your liking. Explore the equalizing options within your preferred streaming service app.

Remember to experiment with these settings and adjust them to achieve the desired level of bass boost. Different devices and applications may have varying interfaces, but their sound settings usually provide similar functionality for enhancing bass and other audio parameters.

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What about the Apple AirPods Max?

The Apple AirPods Max, while not specifically catered towards bass enthusiasts, do offer a slight boost in bass reproduction. However, compared to our top picks for bass-centric headphones, the AirPods Max’s bass output is relatively mild. It’s worth noting that the AirPods Max lacks the ability to create a universal custom equalizer (EQ), which may be a drawback for those looking for tailored sound profiles specifically geared towards enhancing bass frequencies. Therefore, in terms of being the best headphones for bass, the AirPods Max may not be the most suitable choice.

Should you get Beats headphones for bass?

When it comes to bass, Beats headphones are renowned for their emphasis on the low-end frequencies. They have recently revamped their Powerbeats earphones, resulting in a more mature and refined appearance. While some people may dismiss the idea of recommending Beats headphones, we believe it’s a suitable option for those seeking a strong bass experience.

If you are specifically looking for headphones that deliver powerful and impactful bass, exploring the range of Beats headphones would be worthwhile. Their reputation as a brand focused on bass shouldn’t be disregarded. By incorporating advanced audio technology, Beats ensures that their headphones produce deep and resonating bass notes, creating an immersive listening experience.

However, it’s important to note that personal preferences for audio quality can vary. Some individuals may prefer a more balanced sound profile, placing equal importance on all frequencies. In such cases, Beats headphones may not be the ideal choice as their emphasis lies predominantly in the low-end range.

If the thought of purchasing a pair of Beats headphones doesn’t resonate with you, don’t worry! We understand that everyone has unique preferences and offer a list of the best alternatives. This list includes headphones that cater to various sound signatures, ensuring that you can find a pair that aligns with your specific needs.

Therefore, the decision of whether to get Beats headphones for bass ultimately depends on your personal preference for audio and your prioritization of powerful bass. If a strong bass response is a top priority for you, exploring the range of Beats headphones could be a suitable choice. Otherwise, our list of alternatives will assist you in finding headphones that cater to different sound profiles, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your preferences.