Best Portable CD player – Yes, people still use them

If you were born in the ’80s and early ’90s, I’m pretty sure you remember portable CD players. In fact, The first portable audio player released was the Discman D-50 by Sony in 1984. If you are young enough to not remember the CDs, simply ask your mom, dad, and uncles. They likely have a CD collection somewhere at home or your grandparents’ home. In this article, we’ll show you the 7 best CD players to enjoy that old vintage music.

A modern portable CD player could be a great way to remember the good old days or a very nice gift to someone you know has a great CD collection.

best portable cd player - vintage music
Wanna feel old?

How different is a portable CD player in 2021 from the 80’s & 90’s?

The newer portable CD players are packed with features that will come in handy. Some of those features we had wished to enjoy in the ’80s and ’90s.

  • Built-in rechargable batteries: No need to spend in AA batteries. Furthermore, you can use a power adapter, power bank or just any computer to charge it.
  • Bluetooth: You can use your portable CD player with BT headphones, BT speakers, soundbars, some home theater and even your car.

Some other features used to be included only in the high-end portable CD players, like LCD with backlight, FM transmitter, anti-skip, MP3/WAV support. Nowadays, those features could be found very easily in plenty of modern portable CD players.

How we choose our runner ups?

First of all, availability. There are hundreds of portable CD players but many of them are not available right now, some others have been discontinued.

Secondly, price. We have set a maximum price of 50 dollars since you can get very good features in that price range. Of course, you could spend more if you wish but that product will land in diminishing return territory.

Finally, user reviews with four stars or more. When hundreds or even thousands of people review very positively one product. That’s a good sign.

One final note, please take into account that the following list is from the cheapest (~30 USD) to the most expensive (~50 USD) portable CD player.

The runner ups

#1- Coby Portable Compact Anti-Skip CD Player

The Coby Portable CD player is the ideal option if you just want to listen to your CD collection. Very affordable and will do the job. Just don’t expect fancy features since this is the cheapest on the list.

  • What we like: Price and straightforward controls.
  • What we don’t like: Operates only with two AA batteries.

#2- GPX PC807BMP3U Portable Personal CD Player

The GPX PC807BMP3U comes with a more youthful design, even kind of sporty. This model adds additional features like being able to use with either AA batteries or a 12V power adapter, and up to 200 seconds of anti-skip protection.

Additionally, GPX offers a 90-day warranty to cover manufacturing defects and DOA CD players. 

  • What we like: Rubberized exterior for easy grip and 200 second anti-skip.
  • What we don’t like: No built-in battery.

#3- ARAFUNA CD5188B Portable CD Player

ARAFUNA CD5188B features a modern look of a portable CD player. Furthermore, it includes some interesting features like Bass Boost and a program button to customize the order of CD tracks.

The first portable CD player on the list has a built-in battery. Unfortunately, for rechargeable battery requires buying a separate charger. This product comes with a 1-year warranty, and 30 days refund guarantee.

  • What we like: Bass boost and 1-year warranty.
  • What we don’t like: Rechargable battery requires a separate charger not included.

#4- Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

The NAVISKAUTO is really compact and still packs a punch with a built-in battery (that can be charged) with up to 12 hours duration. Backlight design for LED display and buttons, very convenient for use when the sun goes down.

  • What we like: Built-in battery, display and buttons with backlight.
  • What we don’t like: Do not support Bluetooth, and warranty not specified.

#5- Hernido Rechargeable Portable CD Player

The Hernido Rechargeable CD Player is a very good-looking model that has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, supports up to 20 hours of working time. This CD player is lightweight with only 0.5 lb.

Few reviews mention that portable CD players had distorted music and low-volume audio. Most customers haven’t had this problem, so it doesn’t appear to be universal.

  • What we like: 20-hour battery life, FM transmitter, and 18 months warranty.
  • What we don’t like: some reviews report low-volume and distorted music.

#6- Oakcastle CD100 Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

The Oakcastle CD100 is the first model on the list that features Bluetooth 5.0 so you can enjoy extensive flexibility with BT headphones, BT speakers, soundbars, etc. This model is very compact and the button layout is very friendly.

Even though It includes a rechargeable battery, the 12 hours battery life means you will have to charge it more often.

  • What we like: Bluetooth 5.0, compact design and rechargable battery
  • What we don’t like: 12 hr battery life

#7- HOTT CD204 Portable CD Player

HOTT was established in 1999 and is committed to providing high-quality service of 30-days return policy, 1-year warranty and lifetime support, and Toll-free call center.

The HOTT CD204 Portable CD Player has a very discrete design with five sound effects and five play modes. Uses HIFI decoding technology for high bit rate and sampling rate which could delight the most strict users.

Being the most expensive product on this list is a shame that doesn’t include a built-in rechargeable battery, only the display has a backlight, and doesn’t include Bluetooth.

  • What we like: Lifetime support, and support HIFI decoding
  • What we don’t like: No built-in battery, no Bluetooth and 45 seconds anti-skip for CDs.

Final thoughts

Like any other audio equipment, there is a balance between price, sound quality, and features. All of the options in this list will provide you a great listening experience.

Maybe it’s time to dust off your CD collection and have a good time listening to the greatest hits of the past.

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  1. the last two personal cd players all broke within weeks. The first had rechargeable battery …. after a few times it would not work … no recharge …. the second one had batteries …. put player would work and after a few minutes shut off. This player had been working for a month previous to this


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