Can you connect AirPods to PS4?

If you’ve got a new shiny pair of AirPods and you’re wondering if you can connect them to your PS4 and play some games with privacy and a decent mic, the answer might be more convoluted than you think.

Officially, Play Station 4 DOESN’T support AirPods or any other Bluetooth audio headset that isn’t officially branded for PS4, which means you can’t connect most Bluetooth headphones at all.

But where there’s a will, there is a way.

Let us show you how to connect AirPods to a PS4 with using third-party Bluetooth adapters if you’re willing to spend some extra money to get the most out of your AirPods.

How to connect AirPods to PS4

1. Get a Bluetooth USB adapter

First, you’ll need a Bluetooth USB adapter to connect your headphones. Unluckily, while the PS4 already supports Bluetooth connections, the moment you try to pair any unofficial headphones you’ll get the message that “Bluetooth Audio isn’t supported”.

However, you can connect your audio by adding an external Bluetooth Adapter and connecting it to the front USB ports if your PS4.

There are 2 options we’ve seen people recommending and they’re confirmed to work especially with a PS4. The first one is the Avantree Leaf Class USB Audio transmitter, which allows you to use your headphones with low latency (<40 ms delay) and has a 20-meter range.

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The device is Plug and Play and requires no drivers whether you’re using it with a laptop, Nintendo Switch or PS4. The price range varies between $25 to $40 USD on Amazon.

There are other Bluetooth adapters but if you get other brands you might not be able to use it in your PS4 due to drivers or you won’t be able to use the microphone either.

A secondary option is the Gam3Gear Bluetooth Dongle with a 3.5 mic adapter priced around $20. This option is also made specifically for the PS4 and it provides a high-quality Bluetooth connection but requires a small adapter to be connected to your controller.

We’re more inclined with the Avantree Leaf Class based on the reviews on Amazon, but do your own diligence if that makes you feel more comfortable.

2. Turn on your PS4 and plug the bluetooth adapter

Make sure you plug it in the front for a better connection, either directly or with the USB cable extension.

You’ll be able to see this adapter in your PS4 settings by going to settings -> devices -> audio devices -> input and output as “USB headset Avantree leaf“.

3. Pair your AirPods to your Bluetooth adapter

Hold the button on the dongle to put it in “pair mode” for 2 seconds and open your Apple AirPods case lid with both AirPods charging. Press the button in the back of the case and hold it to put the AirPods in pairing mode as well and they will pair automatically.

can you connect airpods to ps4

You will know when the AirPods are paired once the light inside your AirPods case turns green and your light in the Avantree dongle flashes on blue.

4. Confirm your setup and test audio

A Pop-up message will appear on your PS4 screen. Confirm it and your setup will be complete allowing you to play games while using your new AirPods.

Once you put your AirPods in your ears you’ll hear a connection sound and you should be able to hear the audio in the system and games.

To enable voice chat you need to enable “talk mode” in the Avantree Bluetooth adapter by double-clicking the button on the side of it. The light of the Bluetooth adapter will turn to white and stay there. This will enable the microphone in your Airpods for voice chatting.

Note: Don’t try to connect the AirPods true the regular Bluetooth settings in your PS4 as that won’t work.

If you decided to go with the Gam3Gear Bluetooth dongle you’ll have to do the same pairing process but also insert the microphone adapter in your PS4 controller after that. Your PS4 will display a confirmation message as well and your AirPods will be fully connected to your PS4 now.

how to connect airpods to ps4

You can confirm this by going to Settings -> Devices -> Audio devices -> input devices and selecting the Headset connected to the controller.

Then go to Settings -> Devices -> Audio devices -> Output devices and select “USB headphones” or “USB audio device“.

Both adapters will work with other Bluetooth headsets besides AirPods, so they’re a good investment in really are into headsets for gaming, even if you don’t need the mic and you’re using them just for privacy.

connect bluetooth headset to ps4

Again, please don’t go and buy any cheaper Bluetooth adapter because most of them won’t be detected and there are compatibility issues. Other Bluetooth adapters will only support audio but not the microphone, so keep that in mind.

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