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Easy Guide on How to Cancel Stitch Fix – Step by Step Instructions

Are you thinking about canceling your Stitch Fix subscription but not sure how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to cancel Stitch Fix subscription with step-by-step instructions to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

Stitch Fix is an online clothing subscription service that delivers personalized outfits straight to your door. However, if you’re no longer interested in receiving their services, canceling your Stitch Fix subscription is a straightforward process.

Whether you want to take a break, try a new subscription service, or have other reasons to cancel Stitch Fix, this guide will walk you through the process with ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cancelling Stitch Fix subscription is a simple process with step-by-step instructions.
  • Understanding your Stitch Fix membership is important before canceling your subscription or making any changes.
  • Reviewing Stitch Fix’s cancellation policy and the reasons to cancel before starting the process is recommended.
  • You can cancel your subscription online or contact customer support for assistance.
  • Returning any outstanding items and finalizing your cancellation is essential to avoid any future charges.

Understanding Your Stitch Fix Membership

If you’re looking to cancel your Stitch Fix subscription, it’s essential to understand your membership options. Stitch Fix offers different plans to meet your style and budget needs. The company provides women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing, shoes, and accessories. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to receive your Stitch Fix orders on a monthly, bi-weekly, or quarterly basis.

Before canceling Stitch Fix, consider reviewing your subscription plan to evaluate if changing it will meet your needs instead of canceling the account altogether. For instance, you can opt for a less frequent subscription to receive fewer Stitch Fix orders per month.

Types of Stitch Fix Memberships

Stitch Fix offers four main types of subscriptions:

Membership Type Frequency of Delivery Styling Fee (Applies to Each Order) Discount
Automatic Subscription Monthly, Quarterly, or Bi-Weekly $20 25% off each order if you keep everything
Shop on Demand Order when you like No fee None
Specialty Sizes Monthly, Quarterly, or Bi-Weekly $20 25% off each order if you keep everything
Kids’ Stitch Fix Monthly, Quarterly, or Bi-Weekly $20 10% off each order if you keep everything

The automatic subscription is the most common Stitch Fix membership type. It is ideal for people who want a steady supply of Stitch Fix items every month. With this membership, you will receive a box of five items, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you choose to keep any of the items, the $20 styling fee is credited towards your purchase. You get a discount of 25% if you keep everything in your order.

The “Shop on Demand” membership is convenient for customers who prefer to shop from time to time. With this option, you don’t have to sign up for recurring orders, and there is no styling fee. You can request a box of items when you want to revamp your wardrobe or try something new.

The “Specialty Sizes” subscription is designed for customers who require plus sizes or petites. The membership includes the same benefits as the automatic subscription, and Stitch Fix offers a wide range of sizes to cater to different body types.

Lastly, the “Kids’ Stitch Fix” subscription is a convenient way to shop for your children’s clothing needs. With this membership, Stitch Fix sends you a box of eight to 12 items that include clothes, shoes, and accessories. You receive a 10% discount if you keep everything in your order.

If you wish to end your Stitch Fix membership altogether, proceed to the next section to learn about how to unsubscribe. Alternatively, if you’re considering changing your subscription plan, refer to Stitch Fix’s membership FAQs to learn more about your options.

Reasons to Cancel Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a popular personal styling service that offers convenience and expertise in selecting fashion items that match your style and preferences. However, there may come a time when you need to consider stopping Stitch Fix orders and terminating the service. Here are some of the most common reasons why you may want to cancel your Stitch Fix subscription:

  • Cost: As with any subscription service, the cost of Stitch Fix can add up over time. If you’re on a tight budget, you may need to cut back on discretionary expenses like clothing subscriptions.
  • Lifestyle Changes: If you’ve recently changed jobs or moved to a different climate, you may find that the clothing items you’ve been receiving from Stitch Fix are no longer suitable for your daily activities or weather conditions.
  • Preference Changes: Your taste in fashion may evolve over time, and you may find that the items you receive from Stitch Fix no longer align with your personal style or wardrobe goals.
  • Unwanted Items: While Stitch Fix’s stylists do their best to select items that match your preferences, there may be times when you receive items that you don’t like or can’t wear. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with the service.
  • Temporary Disruption: If you’re going on vacation or need to take a break from receiving Stitch Fix deliveries for any reason, you may need to cancel your subscription temporarily to avoid unwanted charges or inventory buildup.
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Whatever your reason for stopping Stitch Fix orders and terminating the service, it’s important to make an informed decision based on your current needs and priorities. You can always consider resubscribing to Stitch Fix in the future if your circumstances change.

Reviewing Stitch Fix’s Cancellation Policy

closing Stitch Fix subscription

Once you have made the decision to cancel your Stitch Fix subscription, it’s important to review the company’s cancellation policy to ensure that you have completed all the necessary steps to close your account permanently.

When canceling your Stitch Fix account, it’s crucial to note that any outstanding orders must be handled before canceling the subscription. In addition, any items that you have already received must be returned to Stitch Fix. Failure to return these items promptly can result in additional charges to your account.

If you cancel your subscription in the middle of a delivery cycle, you won’t receive any further items from Stitch Fix. However, you will still be billed for any items that were already shipped to you.

It’s essential to note that Stitch Fix does not refund styling fees or any other charges associated with your subscription. If you have prepaid for any orders, Stitch Fix will refund the amount you paid minus any discounts or credits.

“Stitch Fix reserves the right to terminate your account or refuse to offer you services at any time in our sole discretion.”

Before canceling your account, ensure that you have reviewed all aspects of the cancellation policy to avoid any additional fees or complications.

Cancelling Stitch Fix Online

discontinuing Stitch Fix deliveries

If you’ve made the decision to discontinue your Stitch Fix subscription, you can cancel it online for your convenience. The process is straightforward, and you can complete it in a few simple steps.

To cancel Stitch Fix online, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Stitch Fix account and click on “Manage Automatic Fixes” under the “Fixes” tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Cancel Automatic Fixes” button.
  3. Stitch Fix will prompt you to provide feedback on why you’re cancelling your subscription. You can select the most relevant option or enter a custom reason if necessary.
  4. After providing feedback, click on “Cancel My Fixes” to confirm the cancellation of your subscription.

It’s essential to note that canceling your subscription online will terminate any future Stitch Fix deliveries automatically. However, you must return any outstanding items you received before the cancellation. You can drop them off at your local USPS or schedule a free pickup with USPS.

Canceling Stitch Fix online is a simple process that can save you time and effort. However, if you encounter any issues during the cancellation process, you can contact Stitch Fix customer support for assistance. We’ll discuss how to reach out to their support team in the next section.

Contacting Stitch Fix Customer Support

terminating Stitch Fix service

If you encounter any issues while terminating Stitch Fix service online, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support. Stitch Fix has a knowledgeable and responsive customer support team that is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

You can contact Stitch Fix support through their website by clicking the “Contact Us” button located at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to their customer support team at [email protected].

When contacting Stitch Fix support, be sure to include your account information, such as your name, email address, and account number, to help them better assist you.

You can also try reaching out to Stitch Fix support through their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, keep in mind that response times may vary, and it’s best to contact them through their website or email for faster assistance.

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Overall, don’t hesitate to contact Stitch Fix’s customer support if you encounter any problems while canceling your subscription. They are always happy to help and ensure that their customers have a positive experience.

Returning Stitch Fix Items

stopping Stitch Fix orders

As part of the cancellation process, it’s essential to return any outstanding Stitch Fix items. You can either schedule a free pickup with USPS or drop off the package at any USPS location.

To schedule a pickup, visit the USPS website, and follow the prompts to create a shipping label. Once you’ve printed the label, attach it to the package and schedule a pickup time that’s convenient for you.

If you prefer to drop off the package, locate the nearest USPS location using the USPS website or mobile app. Don’t forget to include the return slip in the package to ensure that your account is credited accordingly.

If you have any pending orders, you must return them before canceling your Stitch Fix subscription. If you’re unsure about your pending orders, log in to your account and check your order history.

Table: Pending Orders

Order Number Delivery Date Status
12345 August 15th, 2021 Pending
67890 August 30th, 2021 Pending

If you have any issues returning your items, you can contact Stitch Fix customer support for assistance. The support team can guide you on the best way to return your items and help you with any other concerns you may have regarding your Stitch Fix account.

Finalizing Your Cancellation

ending Stitch Fix membership

Before we conclude this guide, let’s make sure you’ve completed all the necessary steps to finalize your Stitch Fix cancellation. Please use our checklist below to ensure that you have covered everything:

  1. Return any outstanding Stitch Fix items
  2. Cancel any pending orders you may have
  3. Make sure your payment method is updated if needed
  4. Confirm that your subscription is canceled successfully

Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you can rest easy knowing that your Stitch Fix membership has ended. If you have any doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Stitch Fix’s customer support.

If you’re looking for other clothing subscription options, check out some of the alternatives available such as Trunk Club, Le Tote, and Fabletics. They offer a similar service to Stitch Fix and might be worth exploring.

Tip: Remember to unsubscribe from Stitch Fix’s email newsletters to avoid receiving future promotions and offers.

Wrapping Up

Cancelling your Stitch Fix subscription doesn’t have to be a stressful process. With our comprehensive guide, you should feel confident in navigating the cancellation process. Now that you’ve successfully ended your membership, take some time to explore other clothing subscription options and find the one that best fits your needs. Remember, if you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Stitch Fix’s customer support team.

After Cancelling Stitch Fix

cancel Stitch Fix subscription

So, you’ve canceled your Stitch Fix subscription. Now what? Don’t worry; there are plenty of options for managing your wardrobe without Stitch Fix. Here are some tips to help you transition:

  • Take inventory of your current wardrobe: Before purchasing anything new, assess your existing wardrobe to determine what you already have and what you might need.
  • Try shopping at thrift stores or consignment shops: These stores can be a treasure trove of unique and affordable clothing options.
  • Consider other clothing subscription services: If you still like the idea of receiving curated clothing selections, there are plenty of other clothing subscription services available.

If you’re interested in exploring other clothing subscription services, here are a few options:

Subscription Service Price Special Features
Nadine West $9.78 – $89.99 per month Offers a personalized approach to styling and includes accessories in each shipment.
Gwynnie Bee $49 – $199 per month Specializes in plus-size clothing and offers unlimited exchanges each month.
Le Tote $79 – $119 per month Allows you to rent clothing and accessories instead of purchasing them outright.

Remember, the cancellation of your Stitch Fix subscription doesn’t mean the end of your fashion journey. With a little creativity and exploration, you can find new and exciting ways to dress yourself and express your unique style.

Rejoining Stitch Fix in the Future

unsubscribe from Stitch Fix

If you have canceled your Stitch Fix subscription but are considering rejoining in the future, it’s important to understand how to unsubscribe from Stitch Fix’s email newsletters.

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To unsubscribe, simply go to the bottom of any email you receive from Stitch Fix and click the “unsubscribe” link. You will be directed to a page where you can confirm your decision to unsubscribe.

Once you have unsubscribed, you can still stay updated on Stitch Fix’s latest offers and promotions by following their social media accounts. Stitch Fix regularly shares outfit inspiration, styling tips, and updates on new arrivals.

Tips for Rejoining Stitch Fix

If you do decide to rejoin Stitch Fix in the future, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Take note of the reasons why you canceled your subscription in the first place. If it was due to financial constraints or a lack of time, make sure you are in a better position before rejoining.
  • Update your style profile to ensure that your preferences are up-to-date.
  • Be open to trying new things. While you can request specific items, it’s also good to let your stylist surprise you with items that you may not have otherwise considered.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your experience with Stitch Fix is even better the second time around.


Canceling your Stitch Fix subscription may seem overwhelming, but we hope this guide has made it easier for you. Always remember to review your membership options and the company’s cancellation policy before proceeding with canceling your subscription.

If you encounter any issues or have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Stitch Fix’s customer support. The support team is responsive and always ready to help resolve any issues you may have.

Managing Your Wardrobe Without Stitch Fix

Once you cancel your Stitch Fix subscription, you may wonder what to do next. There are other clothing subscription services available in the market that you can try out. Alternatively, you can go back to shopping in physical stores or online retailers to manage your wardrobe.

Rejoining Stitch Fix in the Future

If you ever change your mind and decide to rejoin Stitch Fix, you can unsubscribe from their email newsletters and stay updated on the latest offers and promotions. Stitch Fix always welcomes returning clients.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in canceling your Stitch Fix subscription. Thanks for reading!


How do I cancel my Stitch Fix subscription?

To cancel your Stitch Fix subscription, follow these steps:

Can I cancel my Stitch Fix membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Stitch Fix membership at any time without any penalties.

What happens to my unused styling fee credits if I cancel Stitch Fix?

If you have unused styling fee credits, they will be forfeited upon cancellation.

Can I reactivate my Stitch Fix subscription after canceling?

Yes, you can reactivate your Stitch Fix subscription at any time by logging into your account and resuming deliveries.

Will I receive a refund for any unused styling fees or prepaid orders?

Stitch Fix does not offer refunds for unused styling fees or prepaid orders.

Can I skip a month instead of canceling my subscription?

Yes, you have the option to skip a month instead of canceling your Stitch Fix subscription. Simply log into your account and select the skip a month option.

How long does it take for my cancellation to be processed?

Once you submit your cancellation request, it will typically be processed within 24-48 hours.

Do I need to return any outstanding Stitch Fix items before canceling?

It is recommended to return any outstanding Stitch Fix items before canceling your subscription. Instructions on returning the items can be found on the Stitch Fix website.

What should I do if I encounter issues while canceling my Stitch Fix subscription online?

If you encounter any issues while canceling your Stitch Fix subscription online, contact Stitch Fix customer support for assistance. You can find their contact information on the Stitch Fix website.

Are there any alternative clothing subscription services I can consider after canceling Stitch Fix?

Yes, there are several alternative clothing subscription services available. We recommend researching and exploring options that suit your style and preferences.

How can I unsubscribe from Stitch Fix’s email newsletters after canceling my subscription?

To unsubscribe from Stitch Fix’s email newsletters, click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email you receive from Stitch Fix.