Headset vs. headphones – What’s the difference?

What are the differences in sound quality between headsets and headphones? Which one is more expensive? What’s the difference between a headset and headphones? These are all questions that can be answered by reading this article. In it, we’ll discuss everything from what each piece of equipment looks like to which one has better sound quality. The headset vs. headphones debate ends here! Let’s get started.

What are headphones?

Headphones are a small device that is used to listen to music, podcasts, or other media. There are many different types of headphones such as on-ear, over-ear, in-ear, and wired/wireless headphones. Each type has its own pros and cons when it comes down to sound quality, price, and convenience but they’re all pretty much the same piece of equipment at their core so what’s better for one person may not be best for another depending on needs and preferences.

What are headsets?

Headsets are similar to headphones. The only difference is that they also include a microphone which allows the user to participate in phone calls or online chats with other people. They’re more expensive and less common than standard headphones but their advantages may make them worth it for some people, especially those who use voice chat while gaming often or for video calls while working.

headset vs headphones - gaming video calls
Headsets are common for gamers playing in teams or tournaments

What’s the difference between a headset and headphones?

A lot of this will depend on personal preference so we’ll try not to be biased here! Headsets have an added feature where you can talk into them like your were using a telephone handset and then others can hear what you said through speakers built into the headset (or possibly something plugged-in). Headphones do not have these features unless they are specifically designed as a headset.

Headset vs. headphones – Which one has better sound quality?

Typically, headphones have better quality for the same price as headsets. There are some high-end headset models out there that can produce superb sound quality but the prices go up astronomically from their standard counterparts and in most cases, they are targeted at gamers. Headsets have a different advantage though in that they allow for voice chat so if you’re into gaming or just need a tool for regular zoom calls, then this may be your best option to choose between headphones and headsets.

There are many super high-quality headphones available in the market for audiophiles so if you don’t need a microphone and all you care is about music quality, then it might be worth your time to spend a little bit of extra money on a pair of headphones.

headset vs headphones - audio music
Regular headphones are more common for traveling and listening music

Headset vs. headphones – Which one is more comfortable?

Headphones are usually more comfortable because they rest on your head like a hat. They’re also easier to use at home with the TV or computer and if you need to get up and move around, then it’s not much of an issue either as long as there is some music playing!

That being said though, headsets can be made from lighter materials that are more comfortable than what’s used in headphones and they can also be worn for longer periods of time. It all depends on the quality and design of each one really.

Headset vs. headphones – Which one is more expensive?

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive piece of equipment, then headsets are definitely more expensive. They include a microphone and speakers to give the user complete control over their audio experience which is not something that basic headphones can do on their own. But if you just want some regular headphones without any of the extra features, then you can find a pretty good pair for not too much money.

However, once you start looking at high-end headphones, the prices can go up to $500-$1000 and higher. There are headphones made for DJs, musicians, audio editors, gamers, and more.

headset vs headphones - comfort price

Which one is more convenient?

It depends on the user. Headphones are great because they can be used anywhere, which means you can enjoy music while jogging or working out in a gym without worrying about carrying around an extra bulky headset. Some new headphones like the AirPods and similar products have a microphone included in a very small package, enabling you to make calls without looking like you’re carrying a microphone, but they’re not targeted at gamers regularly.

Headsets allow users to talk hands-free so this might come in handy when gaming online or making video calls in the office. Which one do you need?


Overall, it’s a toss-up between headphones and headsets. The best thing to do is figure out which one you need because there doesn’t seem to be any clear winner here. You’re comparing apples to oranges as they have different purposes.

If your main goal is voice chat while gaming then you’ll want a headset so that way you can hear the voices on the other side as well. But if all you care about are high-quality music or video calls in general, then headphones might be just what you’re looking for!

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