How to adjust bass on Windows 10

It doesn’t matter if you own very expensive or budget headphones/speakers, sometimes you only wish for a little bit more bass. So you can have a better experience when watching movies, listening to music or just playing some video games. Therefore, we have prepared a tutorial to learn how to adjust bass on Windows 10.

Maybe your first impulse is to look for a new pair of headphones/speakers, maybe buying a more expensive one will get you the bass punch you expect. That is a valid solution, not the quickest or budget-friendly, and there’s no guarantee that you will be completely happy with the bass effect of your new headphones/speakers.

Another viable solution is to change your audio settings in Windows 10. It’s quicker, it’s free, hence is worth trying. That’s exactly the purpose of this article.

Let’s begin updating your audio driver

To change Windows 10 bass configuration is very important to verify you already have the latest audio drivers of your notebook, desktop computer, or motherboard if you build your computer.

First check the brand support website for the model of your notebook, desktop, or motherboard. Then check inside drivers for the audio section. Finally, download and install the latest audio driver.

How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - Lenovo website
Example: Lenovo support website

Below you will find a list of support websites from the most popular notebook/desktop brands:

Now, a list of popular motherboard brands:

Let’s adjust Windows 10 audio settings

After you upgraded your audio driver, now it’s time to add more bass via Windows 10 configuration.

  1. Right-click on the volume icon in the system tray, bottom right corner of the start bar and select “Sounds”.
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - sound setting
  1. In the Sound settings, switch to the “Playback” tab.
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - playback tab
  1. Right-click on the output device you want to configure and select “Properties”.
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - properties
  1. A new Properties window will appear, switch to the “Enhancements” tab.
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - enhacements
  1. Here you will find “Bass Boost” enhacement, select it and click Ok button.
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - bass boost
  • IMPORTANT: Sometimes, you will find “equalizer enhacement” instead of “Bass boost“. Select Equalizer, click the three dots you will find below. In the Graphic EQ window you adjust the frequencies sliders to your heart content.
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - equalizer
How to adjust Bass on Windows 10 - equalizer band
Lower frequencies will improve bass

Now that you know how to adjust the bass on Windows 10, before going on a shopping spree for new headphones/speakers let’s try these windows audio enhancements. Of course, there is a limit on how much your audio will improve just by playing around with settings. Ultimately, software settings will give limited room for improvement depending on your audio hardware capabilities. If you need more bass, consider getting a good pair of speakers with a subwoofer instead.

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