How to clean iPhone speaker – 5 easy ways

Do you know how dirty your house can get after a few months of not cleaning? Well, imagine that multiplied by about 1,000. Your iPhone is practically an entire world full of dust and debris just waiting to be cleaned out! But the question is: How do you clean your iPhone speakers? Read on for five different ways to keep your phone like new.

Why should you clean your iPhone speakers?

Well, most speakers have a built-in mesh that traps dust and debris, this causes the sound to be muffled. Regularly cleaning your iPhone speaker will help get rid of any buildup which may cause the sound quality from being diminished.

Dust sticks onto surfaces more than you think it does! And don’t get me started with all the grease and grime that accumulate on the grill of your iPhone speaker. I’m sure you don’t want to be hearing “squeaky” sounds coming from your phone because it’s dirty!

Considering your phone’s screen is probably one of the dirtiest surfaces in your entire house, why not clean it?

Here are 5 ways to clean your iPhone speakers:

1. Clean your speakers with a soft brush

The dust and debris are more likely to be dislodged from the speaker grill by running a soft brush through these small holes.

Proceed with caution! Apply just enough pressure so that you’re loosening up dirt but not actually causing scratches on your phone’s screen. This is also helpful when there is a buildup in between two grills where it won’t come off any other way. It’s important to use a soft brush because a regular toothbrush could scratch the surface or the entrance of your speakers.

how to clean iphone speaker - soft brush

2. Use an air blower or canned air

If you can’t reach the speaker grill with a brush, this is a great way to clean it out without actually touching the speakers.

Fill up an air blower or canned air and keep gently applying pressure until all of the dust has come off. This should only take about 30 seconds!

We recommend using an air blower because canned air comes at high pressure and if done wrong, you could damage your iPhone. But as long as you’re careful and use the pipe for electronic devices it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you don’t have an air blower or canned air, then use the same technique with just blowing your breath onto it to loosen up all the dust and debris!

3. Try painter’s tape

Paint tape is a great way to get dirt and debris off of the grill. This technique should only be used for your iPhone speaker because it can leave residue on other surfaces like glass or metal.

Start by cutting out a small piece of painter’s tape so that you’re able to cover up all the grills without having any excess film sticking outside. Press firmly on the tape and then peel it off. If any dirt is left behind, repeat this process until all of the dust has been removed.

Paint tape can also be used to clean out smaller holes in your iPhone speaker grill that are too small for brushes or canned air to go through without getting stuck. It also works well to clean the headphone jack.

This technique should only be done with painter’s tape because using regular Scotch Tape could leave residue on other surfaces as well!

4. Clean your iPhone’s speakers with a microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning because they get rid of dirt and grime without leaving a scratch. No wonder why people use them constantly for cleaning the screen and similar surfaces.

This is a great way to clean your phone’s speakers without getting any dirty hands on them or using an abrasive surface like a paper towel that could scratch up your screen and speaker grills.

This technique doesn’t work for super dirty phones but it will do the trick if you constantly clean it instead of waiting for ages until it’s too late.

how to clean iphone speaker - dust

5. Use a toothpick

The last and final technique is to use a toothpick!

If you have any buildup on your phone’s speaker grill that won’t come off with the other techniques, then this one will work for sure.

Be very careful because it’s possible to scratch up your phone with a toothpick if or you might damage the speakers if you push too hard.

It might seem strange, but it does work! Just use the tip of the toothpick and carefully scrape away all dirt or debris that has accumulated on your iPhone speaker grill without touching any other part of the surface.

This is helpful for a really stubborn dust buildup.

How to clean your iPhone speakers – Bottom line

Cleaning our iPhone speakers is an important step in keeping them looking like new so make sure to do it from time to time as well! To keep things easy we recommend picking one method above and doing that at least once every couple of weeks.

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