How to Make Headphones Louder on PC or Mobile

It’s awful when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite song of the month at high volume settings just to discover you’re already at max power and your headphones aren’t just loud enough. Let us show you how to make headphones louder on any device, including PC, Android, iOS, or even Bluetooth headphones in this quick article.

Before starting though, here’s a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t be listening to music too loud when using headphones unless you have a specific reason to do so, as it could damage your hearing temporarily or permanently. Nobody wants that!

Headphones not having enough volume is a very common problem. Obviously, if you’re searching for this article it means you’re already at max volume settings yet you’re not getting enough punch in your headphones, which usually boils down to 2 simple problems:

  1. Your headphones are the problem
  2. Your device (PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc) is the problem

Sometimes it could simply be a misconfiguration in your audio settings, and sometimes it could be hardware related. Let’s go over all of the solutions to help you make those headphones louder finally.

Keep your headphones clean and well plugged

Perhaps the easiest and dumbest solution, yet sometimes it happens. If you’re using small headphones or earbuds sometimes the audio could be lacking power because the phones are dirty or misplaced. Make sure you clean them properly every once in a while and don’t let the mesh gather too much dust or wax causing the sound to fade off.

how to make headphones louder - keep them clean

Cleaning your phones every week or every day if you’re a heavy user could go a long way. Use a cleaning cloth and be gentle.

Besides that, you should always make sure your headphones are properly connected. In many instances, the headphone jack can be plugged halfway and you don’t notice it until later. Sometimes what happens is you get noise in one channel but no sound in the other channel, or sometimes you get faded noise and we jack up the volume rocker as we have no idea what’s happening. This problem doesn’t apply to Bluetooth headphones though.

Anyways, if this didn’t solve your problem let’s move to fix number 2.

Modify volume limits in your device

If your headphones are clean and properly plugged, many times the problem is on the software side. Your operating system could have changed the audio settings when you plugged a different audio device or because an app altered the settings.

Go to your audio settings and check if the limits have been decreased by any reason and bump them up if that’s the case.

Sometimes you can just remove the volume limit or your device, which is set to 120 decibels in the USA or 85 decibels in the EU. You can always disable those limits from your audio settings in your Android or iOS device and see if that helps. Just make sure you test your headphones and increase the volume gradually as you don’t want to start with the max volume and be surprised by the noise or damage your hearing.

how to make headphones louder - settings

To adjust the volume limit in your iPhone go to the following path:

Settings -> Music -> Volume Limit -> Off.

You might want to check your Equalizer settings right there as well and choose the type of music you hear the most.

On Android, you’ll need to check your brand’s settings as every settings menu is a bit different, but the path should be fairly similar to iOS.

On a computer, you can also increase the maximum volume limit if you follow some simple steps. Click the speaker icon in the desktop menu bar and adjust the slider to your desired level. Or right-click the same icon to check out the maximum level settings and equalizer.

Boost your audio settings with an app

Another way to increase your volume limits and get the BEST sound of your headphones at the same time is by using a booster app. These apps give you better equalizer settings and increase the limits to a very noticeable point and you can clearly hear the difference between the regular audio settings and the boosted settings.

how to make headphones louder - equalizer

Some apps are free, some are premium but they’re definitely worth it if you enjoy hearing music and want to improve your audio experience. Here are some of the recommended apps by device:

  • PC: Equalizer Pro and DFX Sound Enhancer
  • Android: Volume Booster Pro, Volume Booster Sound Equalizer or Super Volume Booster
  • iOS/iPhone: Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, SonicMax Pro or Volume Boost+

Use an amplifier if your headphones require it

Some headphones require an amplifier to get more power out of them. Usually, this only happens when you’re using headphones with higher quality audio and higher resistance (ohms). If you’re using wireless headphones you don’t require an amplifier.

Headphones that require amplifiers are usually big or bulky (around-ear or over the ear headphones), and not your typical light over the ear headphones or earbuds.

how to make headphones louder - amplifier

There are many types of amplifiers, some of them are small and portable while others are full accessories that can be placed in your desk. If you have some of those headphones requiring an amplifier, you won’t hear their full potential until you plug them to a proper device.

The difference here tends to be day and night. Your once faded audio will suffer a noticeable improvement and you’ll hear your music with better detail, dynamic ranges, bass, etc.

You can get a headphone amplifier under $100, but first, make sure your headphones really get extra power from it or you’ll be throwing money out of the window. Check out your headphone’s impedance to see if you really need an amp or not.

Change your headphones

If none of the solutions above work for you, or if your headphones use to work just fine but suddenly they started lacking power, you might need a new pair of headphones. Not that we want you to buy a new headphone set but you might need to send them to warranty or get a new pair if they stop working after a few years.

Always remember to use your headphones at proper sound levels. You don’t want to end up with hearing problems because you’re abusing your headphones for extended periods of time every day.

Now that you know how to make your headphones louder, which album are you going to enjoy next?

4 thoughts on “How to Make Headphones Louder on PC or Mobile”

  1. Hello, i have a 68 ohm superlux hd661 and i use spotify for my music. I just want to know why my music doesnt sound any much different when i use my headphones with an amp? It only adds a little sound stage an slight clarity on other instruments.. my amp is aiyima H1.

    Also im planning to buy a new headphone, which is better ath m40x or m50x? Im just a casual listener and i listen to dance gavin dance, coheed and cambria and Jrock.. thanks fot the help!

    • Hi Marvin. We haven’t tested that amp + headphones particularly, so we can’t really comment.
      As for your question, the M40X will do fine if you are a casual listener. Both headphones are great!

  2. Thank you very much to the writer for helping me with the complete and step-by-step instructions to make headphones louder.


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