How to sleep with headphones comfortably

If you are in a bad mood or you’ve had a long day, you know you can fix it by going to bed. There’s nothing like getting a good night of sleep. However, it is not only about sleeping. It is about resting and enjoying the process. We all love that moment when we get into our bed and get super comfy, ready to watch an episode or listen to some relaxing music and feel how slowly we go into the night. But there has always been a significant problem. Can we talk about how uncomfortable it is to sleep with our headphones?

If you want to watch some videos before going to sleep, you destroy your shoulders and back in a very uncomfortable position. At least, you always had to do it because that is about to change. Here’s how to sleep with headphones comfortably by following a few tips.

how to sleep with headphones - use earbuds

5 tips on how to sleep with headphones

Do you want to watch that last episode between your soft bedsheets? Or would you prefer to wear canceling noise headphones to read in your peaceful room? Maybe you’ve just discovered the ASMR world and know you will sleep in a few minutes. Whatever the reason, here is some advice on how to sleep comfortably with headphones.

1. Earbuds or headphones

The first thing you have to consider is: would you be willing to get yourself a new pair of earbuds or headphones to enjoy this specific moment of the day? If it helps you sleep or if you spend a lot of time using them in bed, it might be a wise investment. 

The best option will always be a pair of tiny wireless earbuds (although there are other alternatives for sleeping)specifically designed to wear while in bed, even if you sleep on your side. Remember that size is essential! You can customize most of them by choosing between earbud tip sizes for your ear.

You can also select a couple of regular headphones if you use them a lot during the day but do not want to make a specific investment just for sleeping. However, you might consider the following advice to be comfier.

2. It’s all about the pillow

Regardless of the headphones, you will need a soft pillow that you like. Not everybody wants the same pillow. But if you use your headphones in bed, you will like to know that pillows with a small hollow for your headphones exist. You can find this pillow online at all prices, depending on the size and quality.

3. Travel pillow

Another way to fix this problem is to get yourself a travel pillow. It is not a comfier solution for everybody, but it sure helps and is quite affordable. You can find it online or at any shopping center. To properly use it, you must find the best neck position. Be careful not to overbend your neck for too long.

how to sleep with headphones - find a position that works

4. Find what position works for you

There are positions that everybody should avoid, for your neck, shoulders, and back’s sake. However, depending on your flexibility, you will find yourself more relaxed in certain positions or maybe even changing to prevent one side of your body from getting numb.

If you get those tiny earbuds for sleeping or a proper pillow that allows you to wear headphones, you can change your position much more.

5. Headbands

There are other earbuds specifically designed for sleeping, such as headband headphones. These headbands go around your face, placing the headphones on your ears, so you do not have to hold or fix their position. They can sit around your face safely without risking losing or breaking them during the night.

However, you need to find a model and size that works for the size of your head and try the sound quality before making a significant investment in these.

6. Go Wireless

Nothing can be more annoying than having a cord attached to your headphones while sleeping. Wires can cause so much trouble that you might give up on wearing them. Cables can pull off your headphones when you roll and be uncomfortable if you sleep over them. Ugh!

If this is your case, try going wireless and get yourself some Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. Most of them come with a charging base and last long enough for the whole night, or at least until you fall asleep. Many people sleep with AirPods without issues.

Alternatively, you can get a Bluetooth speaker or pillow with a built-in speaker. It’s way more comfortable, although you probably want to use headphones because you sleep with somebody else or you can’t make noise at night.

Other tips to sleep better

Here are other general tips to get a good sleep at night with or without headphones:

  1.  Establish a sleep routine: Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can help regulate your body’s internal clock and make it easier to fall asleep at night.
  2. Create a comfortable sleep environment: Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, fresh, and comfortable with a good-quality mattress and pillows.
  3. Avoid stimulating activities before bedtime: Avoid activities that are stimulating to the mind, such as watching TV, playing video games, or working on the computer, for at least an hour before bed.
  4. Try relaxation techniques: Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help to calm the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep.
  5. Limit caffeine: Consuming these substances can disrupt sleep patterns, so avoiding them is best, especially in the evening.
  6. Take a warm bath or shower before bed: The body’s temperature drops after a warm bath or shower, which can help to promote sleep.
  7. Get regular exercise: Regular exercise can help improve sleep quality, but avoiding vigorous exercise close to bedtime is best.
how to sleep with headphones - other tips

How can you sleep better using your headphones?

If you want to put up your feet and unwind in bed, relax before falling asleep, or maybe even find something to help you sleep, you can watch or hear some ASMR videos. ASMR is a phenomenon in which certain sounds and visual stimuli can trigger a pleasant and relaxing sensation in the body. The sounds triggering ASMR include whispering, crinkling, and tapping. Listening to ASMR can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and promote calm and relaxation.

Listening to relaxing music before sleep can also positively impact your sleep. It can help slow down your heart rate and breathing, making it easier to fall asleep.

How to sleep with headphones: Final Words

We are used to using our cellphones and laptops in bed to watch a movie on a Sunday, a new episode before going to sleep, or to help us relax with some videos. That is why sleeping with headphones should not be a problem. And it doesn’t have to be if you consider all the tips we have given you.

It is easy and can make a real difference in the last part of your day, improving the quality of your position and, thus, your sleep. Do you have any special tips for using your headphones in bed? Did all these tips work for you? Tell us about it in the comments, and share your thoughts on the headbands!

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