How to untangle headphone wires – 10 easy ways

Untangling headphones wires is not only an annoyance. It can be a sign that there’s something wrong with your headphones. They get tangled, twisted, knotted, and annoying to deal with. Headphones twist because the wire isn’t organized correctly.

That could cause problems in the future if you don’t fix it now! Here are ten ways to untangle headphone wires, so you never have to worry about them again!

Why do headphone wires twist?

The wires in headphones twist because they’re not held together uniformly. The material inside the wire is usually copper, and it can move around and form knots. This movement can cause the wires to twist together over time.

The more you use your headphones, the more likely it is that they’ll start to twist. Twisted headphone cables can become a real problem if they’re not dealt with properly. The constant twisting and bending of the wire can eventually wear it down, causing it to break inside the insulation (plastic). Once that happens, you’ll have to replace your headphones!

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How to untangle headphone wires

Here are some ways to untangle or keep untangled your headphone wires. Most of the solutions are cheap or can be homemade, and they’re all pretty easy to do!

Run your fingers across the wires

This is the oldest and most straightforward way to untangle your wires. Just run your fingers along the wire, separating them as you go. This method will work best if the tangles are small.

Don’t do it super fast, or you might end up making the knots tighter! Also, if you find it hard to get your fingers in between the wires, try using a pencil or pen to help you out.

Get a cable yoyo

This solution is one of the easiest ways to keep your wires untangled. A cable yoyo is a small device that you can wrap your headphones around when you’re not using them. This simple device will keep them from getting tangled up in each other.

You can find cable yoyos online or at most electronics stores. They usually cost around $15-$20.

Use cable zip ties or velcro.

If you don’t want to buy a cable yoyo, you can use some everyday items to keep your cords organized. One way is to use zip ties or velcro straps. Just wrap them around the cord a few times, and it will keep them from twisting together.

how to untangle headphone wires - velcro

This is a cheap way to keep your cords organized, and it’s easy to do! You can find zip ties at any hardware store, and velcro straps can be found at most fabric stores.

Use a flat surface to straighten them up for hours

If you have some time on your hands, you can use a flat surface to straighten out your headphone wires. Just lay them down on a table or desk, and make sure they’re all going in the same direction. Leave them there for several hours (or overnight), and they’ll be nice and straight!

This is the slowest method, but it works if you don’t have anything else to try. Make sure you have a flat surface that’s big enough and don’t move the headphones until they’re completely straight!

Optionally, you can hang them from a coat hanger to keep them in place.

Use the eight cable-coiling methods.

This is another way to keep your wires from getting tangled. The eight-cable coiling method will wrap your cords around each other in an “8” pattern. This pattern will help them stay together and won’t let them twist upon themselves.

You can find diagrams of this online, or you can watch video tutorials on YouTube. There are other coiling methods, but this one is the most popular and easiest to do.

Use a headphone stand or clamp.

If you have a lot of headphones, it might be worth investing in a headphone stand or clamp. This will hold your headphones hanging straight, and it will keep the cables from twisting together. Some headphones come with detachable cables, so you can coil them up and attach them to the stand.

how to untangle headphone wires - headphone stand

This is an excellent way to store your headphones, and it will keep them from getting tangled. You can find headphone stands online or at most electronics stores. They usually cost around $20-$30.

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They’re both small and easy to use, and they can be helpful if you don’t have a lot of space around. You can install a clamp below your desk, and you can place a headphone stand anywhere on your desk/shelf.

Use a cable organizer.

If you don’t want to buy any of the above items, you can use a cable organizer to keep your wires in check. There are a lot of different organizers out there, but most of them do the same thing: they hold your cords in place, so they don’t twist together.

how to untangle headphone wires - cable organizer

Organizers range in price from $0.99-$30+, so there’s something for everyone!

Here are a couple of good options:

Wrap your headphones’ cable around your phone

If you’re listening to music while walking around with your phone, you can wrap the cables around it. This method will keep the cords from getting tangled up with each other. Just make sure to wrap them tightly, so they don’t come undone.

This is an effortless way to keep your cords organized, and it’s perfect for when you’re on the go! Many people used to do this with their iPods and MP3 players back in the day.

Wrap your headphones in an old credit card or ID

Another way to keep your cords from tangling is to wrap them around something. This could be an old credit card, library card, or ID. Just make sure it’s not too thin, or the cord might break.

You can cut the card down to the size you need and wrap it around the cord a few times. This will help keep them together and prevent them from twisting.

Wrap it around a pen or pencil

If you have nothing else lying around, you can use something small and cylindrical to wrap your cords around. Just make sure it’s not too thin, or the wire might break.

This is a straightforward way to store your headphones, and it takes up very little space. Plus, most people always have pens and pencils lying around!

Get wireless/Bluetooth headphones (bonus)

The final solution (and best option if you have the budget) is to buy a pair of wireless/Bluetooth headphones. Make sure you pick a high-quality headphone brand. This will eliminate the problem of tangled wires, and you won’t have to worry about them at all!

how to untangle headphone wires - wireless

Just make sure your phone has Bluetooth capabilities, and you’re good to go. Wireless headphones usually cost around $50+, but they’re an excellent investment if you have many cords lying around.

There you have it – How to untangle headphone wires

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to keep your headphones organized and tangle-free. Nothing is more annoying than a broken headphone cable due to tangling, so take the necessary precautions, and your headphones will last much longer!

Which method do you use to prevent your headphones from tangling? Let us know in the comments below!

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