22 Things to do while listening to music

Listening to music is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. It has been shown that listening to music can reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve your mood. It’s a great way to get in touch with your emotions and express yourself. This blog post will focus on 22 things you can do while listening to music!

Besides reducing stress, listening to music can also improve memory, especially when it is combined with physical activity. It has even been shown that listening to classical music while exercising improves brain function and performance! It also helps raise your oxytocin levels, also known as the cuddle hormone, and releases dopamine, known as the happy hormone.

Let’s have a look at 22 things you can do while listening to music!

1. Exercise or go to the gym.

Listening to music while exercising can help distract you from the pain or exhaustion that comes with physical activity. It also keeps your rhythm, which helps improve performance!

If you spend 1 hour or more at the gym, you might want to get a pair of wireless headphones and build a gym playlist. Even if you just do some basic cardio, time flies when you enjoy your favorite tunes.

things to do while listening to music - exercise

You can also go to a dance class or yoga session! This way, you will have fun and release those feel-good endorphins as well as challenge yourself in new ways.

2. Study

Listening to music while studying can help you relax and focus on the task at hand. It has been shown that classical or instrumental music works best for this purpose because it won’t distract your mind as much as other types of songs might. Here are a few great headphones for classical music.

Make sure you have a list of study-friendly tracks so you don’t waste time searching through your library! You could even try making different playlists dedicated to certain topics, such as business or literature studies. Some students prefer white noise generators instead. If you’re easily distracted by voices then listening to white noise is probably better for concentration purposes.

3. Cleaning and house chores

Everybody hates house chores but we all need to do them. Listening to music while cleaning your house is a great way to have fun and relax. It gives you something else to focus on instead of the monotony that comes with doing chores, especially when you do them all week long.

You could also listen to podcasts or radio shows if they interest you! This will help pass time faster as well as give you information about things relevant in today’s society.

things to do while listening to music - house chores

Cleaning might not be everyone’s favorite thing but it has many benefits including improving mood, increasing mindfulness, releasing tension and stress and there’s no better way to do clean than listening to your favorite tunes.

4. Take a walk

If you don’t have a gym membership then you could go for a walk outside. Listening to music while walking is also great because it helps distract your mind from physical activity, which can be tiring and difficult at times.

You might even consider jogging or hiking if you want to challenge yourself further or try some outdoor activities like kayaking, or cycling! There are so many things you can do with your favorite songs in the background that will make exercising more fun and exciting!

Just try to avoid crowded places and traffic jams. If you have noise-canceling headphones make sure you’re aware of your surroundings.

And speaking of taking a walk…

5. Walk your dog

If you have a dog then why not take it out for a walk while listening to your favorite tunes? This is especially great if the weather outside is nice!

It’s also really fun and rewarding when your pet gets excited every time they hear music. Some dogs even start dancing! If this happens, make sure that nobody else can see or capture videos of them on their phone because you could become famous online… I don’t think Fido would appreciate it very much 😉

6. Gardening

Gardening is another category of house chores that many people like. It’s fun, relaxing and you get to enjoy the outdoors!

However, it can also be difficult if you’re not used to doing physical tasks. Gardening is a great way to exercise your hands and arms, as well as help nature grow, which makes us feel good about ourselves for helping out in some small way.

Let the music inspire you to create your own mini-heaven in the form of a flower bed or vegetable patch! You’ll be able to let go and be yourself, away from others…

7. Play video games

Sometimes video games are fun because of the music that plays in the background. It helps you get into another world, one filled with bright colors and interesting people to interact with!

But other times you can enjoy your favorite music bands or singers while running around killing zombies or solving puzzles online.

things to do while listening to music - video games

As long as you don’t need to hear every detail to avoid being killed in the game you’re playing then you should be fine! In fact, some people tend to hear specific songs while playing to pump them up and get more excited to go on a winning spree!

8. Read a book

Listening to music while reading a book is another thing that people enjoy. It can help you get into the world of your favorite characters and feel like part of the story! Classical music is usually recommended for this because of its soothing nature.

However, if you’re trying to read for school or study purposes then it might be better to not listen to any music. You want all your attention on learning something new so why take away from that by also listening?

9. Take a relaxing bath

A great way to relax is taking a bath! You get the benefit of both worlds: you can enjoy your favorite music while also relaxing in warm water.

So if you want to do something nice for yourself then why not take some time off and treat yourself? It’s good for the body, mind, and soul 😉 Plus it’ll help ease any stress or anxiety so you feel refreshed afterward…

things to do while listening to music - take a bath

A portable, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker would be the best thing to bring into a bathtub. This way you’ll have music with you wherever you go, no matter how wet it gets!

Or if you have a bathtub you can always put your phone on the side and enjoy your favorite tunes through it. Some bath speakers are waterproof so you get all of this convenience without having to worry about damage!

10. Go for a drive

Driving is a popular activity for many people. It gives you the ability to get from one place to another, as well as enjoy time by yourself or with friends and family! And many of us have to drive many hours per day to commute to work…

So why not make the drive more bearable by listening to your favorite music? You can sing along while driving or just sit back and relax! Just don’t go full Toretto and risk getting into an accident, okay?

things to do while listening to music - go for a drive

11. Cook delicious food

Cooking is a great way to relax and feel good about yourself because you’re creating something new! There’s also the added benefit of eating what you cook which makes it even better 😀 But for many people, cooking can be difficult if they don’t already know how…

However, with music playing in the background it might help lift your spirits so that you have more energy to do all those dishes or knead dough! You’ll get lost in the moment and time will pass without notice until someone asks if dinner’s ready 😉 Plus who knows – maybe a song could inspire a new recipe idea that everyone loves?

12. Sit down and relax

Music can help you relax and sit still for a bit. For some of us, it’s hard to do this because we have so much energy or want to always be doing something!

But if you give yourself time to just chill then your mind will feel more refreshed afterward. It’ll allow all those ideas that are swirling around in there to come together into one big thought bubble 😉

Sometimes crashing on the couch with a good song is the best way to relax after a stressful day.

13. Drink wine or beer

Drinking alcohol is another fun activity for many people! And there are plenty of times when listening to music goes with drinking too – whether it’s at home alone while cooking dinner, out with friends at a bar/club, or just hanging around in someone’s backyard…

things to do while listening to music - drink relax

So why not listen to tunes while enjoying a beverage? You could pick songs that fit specific emotions based on what kind of drink you’re having (i.e.: upbeat and lively if you have tequila shots). Or maybe you could make a game out of it like “guess the song” or “name that tune”?

14. Have an intimate moment with your partner

For many people, music is a major part of their relationship. This could be due to the emotional connections they have with certain songs or because it somehow enhances intimacy…

It’s definitely not for everyone but if you’re into this kind of thing then why not try having some fun? You can take turns picking tunes that best fit your mood and see where things go from there 😉 It might lead to something wild or romantic – who knows!

15. Go shopping

Shopping is one of those activities that rarely gets me excited. My wallet hates me every time I head out the door so all my money disappears like magic 🙁 But sometimes it has to be done :/ Trust me.

Others enjoy shopping though and it can be a very fun experience! I mean, who doesn’t like to grab some new clothes/jewelry or even just browse through stores aimlessly? You could also pick up other goodies while you’re out too…

It definitely beats getting dragged around by kids all day long. And if you listen to music then it might help pass the time more quickly (or distract your attention from how much money’s flowing right out of your wallet).

16. Playing board games

Many board games don’t require much in the way of interaction except to roll a dice or move your token. So you can just sit back and relax while listening to music!

There are plenty of options too… Whether it’s classics like Monopoly, Yahtzee, Sorry!, Scrabble, Clue, etc. Or something more modern like Sequence for Two (my personal favorite!), Spot It!, Apples to Apples/Catchphrase/Taboo, Pictionary – even trivia games when playing with friends! All these can be combined with great tunes which will make them that much better 🙂

The whole family can get involved too – it’s great for bonding and will help kids learn to listen (and follow) along with music more.

17. Meditate

Meditation has been known for centuries as a good method of relaxation and reflection. And many people meditate with music as it can help keep their minds focused and on track. White noise is also often used for this purpose since the sound is consistent and blocks out distractions.

things to do while listening to music - meditate

If you’re curious about this then why not give it a try? It’s pretty simple to do: just sit or lie down, turn on some tunes, close your eyes, and focus only on the sounds around you 🙂 You might be surprised by what’s going through your head…

18. Write

Writing is something many people struggle with – myself included! I’m sure all of us have had moments where we want to bang our heads against a wall out of frustration because words aren’t coming together properly 😛

But if writing is one of those activities that makes you feel alive maybe listening to music will help you along. The right tunes could be the spark you need to get your thoughts onto paper…

Similar to studying and reading, relaxing/classical music is often recommended for writers; or music that has a steady beat to keep you focused.

19. Dance around your house/apartment

Dancing is something people love doing whether it’s in a club or at home alone! It can help release tension, stress, and makes for some fun times with friends. And if music helps then why not turn that into an activity?

Just put down whatever you’re doing when you want to dance – no one cares 🙂 Then find songs that make you feel good and start grooving 😀 If this turns out to be really fun who knows where it might go! You’ll definitely leave feeling amazing after a good cardio session.

20. Surf the web

Surfing the web is always a great way to kill some time! Whereas you’re buying stuff, reading an interesting article, learning a new skill, or just watching cute cat videos – the list of possibilities is endless!

Fire that YouTube music playlist back up and enjoy yourself 😛 This is kind of similar to reading since you can do it pretty much anywhere, anytime as long as you have your phone or computer. Make sure you grab a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair though since you never know how long the next video will be!

21. Create some Art

Art is something we all have inside us… But it can be hard to release especially if you’re not creative and don’t know where to start. You could just look at other people’s work for inspiration or get into a community that helps improve your skills (art communities, art classes, YouTube tutorials).

It doesn’t matter what kind of art you do either – drawing/painting, writing poems/stories, sculpting claymation figures/action figures; even cooking food in weird shapes! Whatever tickles your fancy 🙂 Just make sure you enjoy yourself while doing whatever activity makes it possible 😀 And music will definitely help with this! I mean who wouldn’t love jamming out while painting the town red?

22. Enjoy the music!

Music is a great way to express yourself and enjoy life! Whether you’re singing in the shower, dancing around your house, or jamming out with friends – it should always be fun 🙂 So don’t worry about what anyone else thinks of you when enjoying some tunes… Just let go and have a good time 😀

things to do while listening to music

Sometimes you just need to sit down and put your full attention on the music. Close your eyes, relax, and enjoy. Discover all of the sounds and instruments that are playing in the background. And who knows maybe you’ll even start to like a new genre of music!

Don’t forget that there’s no such thing as too much music (unless it causes hearing damage)! So what are you waiting for? Get listening and enjoy your day 🙂

The bottom line – There are many things to do while listening to music

So don’t feel trapped into doing just one thing. You can always play around with what works best for you and discover new things along the way 🙂

Music is such a complex form of art that it’s hard to describe in words! And I hope after reading this list of 22 different activities, people find themselves enjoying music more than they did before or having fun trying something they’ve never done before! Music expresses who we are as individuals so why not enjoy listening to and sharing our favorite tunes? Whether alone or among friends – let your spirit fly high!

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