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Libsyn vs Blubrry: Podcast Hosting Compared

Did you know that there are over 2 million active podcasts available on various platforms? With such a massive number of podcasts out there, it’s crucial to choose the right podcast hosting platform to ensure success.

In this article, we will compare two leading podcast hosting services: Libsyn and Blubrry. By examining their features, pricing, publishing options, podcast statistics, media players, mobile apps, premium content, and more, we will help you determine the best podcast hosting platform for your needs. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are over 2 million active podcasts.
  • Choosing the right podcast hosting platform is crucial for success.
  • In this article, we will compare Libsyn and Blubrry.
  • We will explore their features, pricing, publishing options, podcast statistics, media players, mobile apps, and premium content.
  • By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision on the best podcast hosting platform for your show.

Pricing and Storage Comparison

When choosing a podcast hosting platform, pricing and storage options are important factors to consider. In this section, we will compare the pricing and storage allowances offered by Libsyn and Blubrry.

Libsyn Pricing:

Libsyn offers a range of pricing plans based on monthly storage allowances:

Storage Allowance Monthly Price
50MB $5
250MB $15
400MB $20
800MB $40
1,500MB $75

As you can see, the pricing increases as the storage allowance increases, ranging from $5 to $75 per month.

Blubrry Pricing:

Blubrry also offers pricing plans based on monthly storage allowances:

Storage Allowance Monthly Price
100MB $12
250MB $20
400MB $40
800MB $60
1,000MB $80

Blubrry’s pricing starts at $12 per month and goes up to $80 per month, based on the storage allowance you choose.

When considering the cost per storage allowance, Libsyn is slightly cheaper than Blubrry. However, it’s important to consider how much storage you need for your podcast episodes before making a decision.

Publishing Options

Powerpress Plugin

Both Libsyn and Blubrry offer convenient options for publishing your podcast episodes. Each platform has its own unique features and tools tailored to meet your specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at the publishing options offered by each:

Blubrry Powerpress Plugin

Blubrry stands out with its powerful Powerpress WordPress plugin, designed to simplify the uploading process and give you greater control over your RSS feed. This plugin seamlessly integrates with your self-hosted WordPress website, allowing you to effortlessly manage and publish your podcast episodes with just a few clicks. It provides excellent flexibility in customizing your episode player’s placement within your show notes, ensuring a seamless and engaging listening experience for your audience.

Libsyn Publisher Hub

Libsyn offers their own plugin called Libsyn Publisher Hub, designed for easy integration with self-hosted WordPress sites. This plugin allows you to efficiently publish and manage your podcast episodes directly from your WordPress dashboard. With Libsyn Publisher Hub, you can streamline your workflow by consolidating your podcasting efforts, ensuring that your content reaches your audience effectively.

Both Powerpress and Libsyn Publisher Hub provide a user-friendly and efficient publishing experience. The choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences, such as your familiarity with WordPress, customization requirements, and desired level of control over your podcasting process.

By leveraging these powerful publishing options, you can effortlessly share your podcast with the world and provide your audience with an enjoyable listening experience.

Podcast Statistics

When it comes to podcasting, tracking your show’s performance is crucial. Both Libsyn and Blubrry offer robust podcast statistics to help you understand your audience and measure your podcast’s success.

Libsyn provides advanced podcast statistics, offering insights that can guide your podcast growth and strategy. However, the availability of these stats depends on your pricing plan. With Libsyn, you can access basic stats for $7 per month. If you require more detailed analytics, such as geographic data, user agents, or download sources, you’ll need a subscription of $20 per month or more.

On the other hand, Blubrry provides professional statistics on all its plans, starting from $12 per month. These stats offer valuable information about your audience, including downloads, geographic location, and user agents. With Blubrry’s detailed metrics, you can fine-tune your content and marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.

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Comparing Libsyn Stats and Blubrry Stats:

  1. Libsyn offers advanced podcast statistics, while Blubrry provides professional stats on all its plans.
  2. Libsyn’s pricing for advanced stats starts at $20 per month, compared to Blubrry’s starting price of $12 per month.
  3. Both platforms offer reliable and accurate analytics to help you gauge the performance of your podcast.

Whether you choose Libsyn or Blubrry, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to comprehensive podcast statistics to make informed decisions about your show. These metrics can help you identify trends, track listener engagement, and optimize your podcasting strategy for maximum impact.

Take a look at the table below for a quick comparison of podcast metrics offered by Libsyn and Blubrry:

Podcast Metrics Libsyn Blubrry
Basic Stats $7 per month Included in all plans (starting from $12 per month)
Advanced Stats Starting from $20 per month Included in all plans (starting from $12 per month)
Geographic Data Available in advanced stats Available in all plans
User Agents Available in advanced stats Available in all plans

Stay tuned for the next section where we’ll delve into the media players offered by Libsyn and Blubrry and how they enhance the listening experience for your audience.

Media Players

Libsyn player

Both Libsyn and Blubrry offer customizable media players that allow you to seamlessly embed them on your website or blog. These players enhance the overall listening experience for your audience by providing easy access to your podcast episodes.

The Libsyn player is a versatile tool that offers numerous features to engage your listeners. It allows you to showcase your podcast cover art, create a full episode playlist, and enable share buttons for easy social media sharing. Additionally, it includes a download button to give your audience the option to listen offline. The Libsyn player provides a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for a premium podcast listening experience.

Blubrry Player:

The Blubrry player, integrated with the Powerpress plugin, offers a unique set of features designed to enhance listener engagement. Along with the essential playback functionality, the Blubrry player includes social buttons for easy sharing on various platforms and subscribe buttons to help grow your audience. This player is optimized to work seamlessly on all devices, ensuring a consistent experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Both the Libsyn and Blubrry players provide customization options, allowing you to match the player’s design with your website or blog’s branding. Whether you choose the Libsyn player with its cover art display and episode playlist or the Blubrry player with its social and subscribe buttons, you can create a visually appealing and engaging listening experience for your audience.

Mobile Apps

Libsyn Mobile App

If you want to take your podcasting experience to the next level, having a dedicated mobile app can greatly enhance your listeners’ engagement and accessibility to your show. Both Libsyn and Blubrry offer options for mobile app development, each with its own approach and benefits.

Libsyn Mobile App

Libsyn understands the importance of a personalized mobile app for connecting with your audience on the go. With Libsyn’s $20 per month plan or higher, you have access to their custom mobile app development service. For a one-time fee of $50 and an additional $10 per month, you can have your own branded app available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Blubrry App Development

Blubrry, on the other hand, does not offer an in-house mobile app solution. However, they provide recommendations and collaboration with external app development partners to help you create a customized app for your podcast. By working with reputable app developers, you can create a tailored app that matches your branding and content style.

Having a dedicated mobile app allows you to stay connected with your listeners wherever they are, offering easy access to your episodes and exclusive content.

Choosing the Right Option

When deciding between Libsyn’s built-in mobile app and Blubrry’s recommended app development partners, consider your budget, technical expertise, and customization needs. Libsyn’s offering provides a convenient and straightforward solution, ensuring a seamless integration with their hosting platform. On the other hand, if you prefer more customization and control over your app’s features, collaborating with Blubrry’s recommended app developers may be a better fit.

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Feature Libsyn Mobile App Blubrry App development
Availability iOS and Android iOS and Android (Through recommended partners)
Cost $20 per month (plan or higher)
One-time fee: $50
Additional $10 per month for app
Dependent on external app developers
Customization Standard branding options Potential for more extensive customization

Premium Content and Monetization

Both Libsyn and Blubrry offer podcasters the opportunity to provide premium content to their listeners, opening up avenues for monetization. Let’s explore the options available on each platform.

Libsyn’s MyLibsyn Subscription Management Service

Libsyn provides podcasters with the MyLibsyn subscription management service, which allows you to deliver exclusive premium content to your audience. With MyLibsyn, you can easily set up and manage different subscription tiers, granting your subscribers access to bonus episodes, behind-the-scenes content, ad-free listening, and more.

This service also integrates seamlessly with your website and custom smartphone app, making it convenient for your listeners to access premium content on the go. By offering valuable and exclusive content to your audience, you can generate recurring revenue and build a loyal community of supporters.

Blubrry’s PowerPress WordPress Plugin

Blubrry offers the PowerPress WordPress plugin, which simplifies the process of adding and modifying premium content within your blog posts. With PowerPress, you can easily lock or restrict access to specific episodes or bonus content, allowing only subscribers to enjoy these premium offerings.

This plugin brings flexibility and convenience to the monetization process, as it seamlessly integrates with both Blubrry’s robust podcast hosting services and the popular WordPress platform. By leveraging PowerPress, you can easily manage and monetize your premium content while maintaining a professional and engaging website for your podcast.

Both Libsyn and Blubrry present compelling options for podcasters looking to monetize their content through premium offerings. Whether you choose to utilize Libsyn’s MyLibsyn subscription management service or Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin, these platforms provide the necessary tools and features to enhance your podcast monetization strategy.

Offering premium content to your dedicated listeners not only provides a source of revenue but also creates a stronger connection and sense of exclusivity within your podcast community. By leveraging the premium content and monetization options offered by Libsyn and Blubrry, you can take your podcasting journey to new heights.

Comparison with Buzzsprout

podcast hosting comparison

Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting service known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. While Libsyn and Blubrry offer more advanced features and options, Buzzsprout caters to beginners, providing a simpler podcasting experience.

When it comes to podcast hosting comparison between Libsyn, Blubrry, and Buzzsprout, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Let’s explore how Buzzsprout stacks up against the other two platforms.

Usability and Interface

Buzzsprout prides itself on its intuitive interface and ease of use. The platform is designed to simplify the podcasting process, making it accessible for beginners. With its clear navigation and user-friendly dashboard, Buzzsprout allows you to quickly upload and publish your podcast episodes.

On the other hand, both Libsyn and Blubrry offer more advanced features and customization options. While these platforms may have a steeper learning curve, they provide greater flexibility and control over your podcast’s branding and distribution.

Storage Options

One area where Buzzsprout falls short compared to Libsyn and Blubrry is storage options. Buzzsprout offers limited storage allowances, with plans ranging from 3 hours to 12 hours of audio. For podcasters who produce frequent or longer episodes, this could be a limiting factor.

Libsyn and Blubrry, on the other hand, provide more generous storage allowances, allowing you to upload and store unlimited episodes based on your selected plan. This is particularly advantageous for podcasters with an extensive backlog of episodes or those who plan to produce content regularly.

Advanced Statistics

When it comes to tracking your podcast’s performance, Libsyn and Blubrry offer more comprehensive and detailed statistics compared to Buzzsprout. Libsyn provides advanced analytics as part of their pricing plans, while Blubrry offers professional statistics on all their plans.

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Buzzsprout, on the other hand, offers limited analytics, providing basic insights such as the number of downloads and which platforms your episodes are being streamed on. If in-depth analytics and detailed audience insights are a priority for you, Libsyn or Blubrry may be a better choice.


In summary, Buzzsprout is an excellent option for podcasters who are just starting and prefer a simple and user-friendly platform. It offers a straightforward interface and an easy-to-use system for uploading and publishing podcast episodes.

However, if you require more advanced features, customization options, larger storage allowances, and detailed analytics, Libsyn and Blubrry are better suited to your needs. These platforms provide a more robust podcasting experience, offering greater control and flexibility over your podcast’s growth and success.

Comparison of Features

Features Libsyn Blubrry Buzzsprout
Usability and Interface Advanced Advanced User-friendly
Storage Options Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Advanced Statistics Available Available Limited
Customization Extensive Extensive Basic

Keep in mind that selecting the right podcast hosting platform depends on your specific requirements and goals as a podcaster. Consider factors such as pricing, storage options, analytics, customization, and overall ease of use when making your decision.

Continue reading to discover our conclusive thoughts on Libsyn vs Blubrry and our recommendation for the best podcast hosting platform.


In conclusion, when comparing podcast hosting platforms, both Libsyn and Blubrry offer exceptional services tailored to meet your podcasting needs. Libsyn provides a wide range of pricing options, allowing you to choose a plan that suits your budget and storage requirements. Additionally, Libsyn’s advanced statistics feature provides valuable insights into your show’s performance, albeit at a higher subscription cost.

On the other hand, Blubrry stands out with its user-friendly Powerpress plugin, seamlessly integrating with WordPress for easy episode uploading and RSS feed control. While Blubrry may have slightly higher pricing, its accessibility and flexibility within the WordPress ecosystem make it an attractive option.

Ultimately, the decision between Libsyn and Blubrry boils down to your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as pricing, storage options, publishing capabilities, and podcast statistics discussed in this article. It is important to analyze these elements to determine the best podcast hosting platform that aligns with your show’s goals and requirements.

So, whether you choose Libsyn for its versatility or Blubrry for its WordPress integration, rest assured that both platforms offer reliable and reputable services to support your podcasting journey.


How much does Libsyn’s podcast hosting cost?

Libsyn offers pricing plans ranging from for 50MB to for 1,500MB, based on monthly storage allowances.

What is the pricing structure for Blubrry’s podcast hosting?

Blubrry’s pricing starts at for 100MB and goes up to for 1,000MB.

What are the options for publishing podcasts with Libsyn?

Libsyn offers a plugin called Libsyn Publisher Hub, allowing integration with self-hosted WordPress sites.

Can I use a WordPress plugin for podcast publishing with Blubrry?

Yes, Blubrry’s Powerpress plugin provides easy uploading of episodes and control over your RSS feed on WordPress.

What podcast statistics does Libsyn provide?

Libsyn offers both basic and advanced podcast statistics, which are available depending on your pricing plan.

What kind of podcast metrics does Blubrry offer?

Blubrry provides professional stats on all its plans, starting from per month.

Does Libsyn or Blubrry offer customizable media players?

Yes, both platforms offer customizable media players for embedding on your website or blog.

Does Libsyn have a custom mobile app option?

Yes, Libsyn offers the option to have a custom mobile app for your show with its per month plan or higher.

Can I create a custom mobile app with Blubrry?

Blubrry does not have an in-house app option but recommends external app development partners for custom app creation.

How can I monetize my podcast with Libsyn and Blubrry?

Both platforms offer options for offering premium content to your listeners, allowing for podcast monetization.

How does Buzzsprout compare to Libsyn and Blubrry?

Buzzsprout is a user-friendly podcast hosting service, but Libsyn and Blubrry offer more advanced features and options.

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