20: I've Always Been Interested in Really Rich Experiences with Robin Ward

Henning and Kahlil talk to Robin Ward, the co-founder of Discourse, the creator of Forumwarz and the Evilest Trout of them all. Robin explains how his interest in forums and the software that powers them leads him to a collaboration with Jeff Atwood to create Discourse. And of course we had to ask how his alias "Evil Trout" came to be.


  • [00:00:25] Henning welcomes Robin Ward to the show
  • [00:01:20] Introduced to computers via IBM's first PC
  • [00:02:32] Kings Quest
  • [00:06:40] First job as a web developer at $15/h
  • [00:15:16] Discovered Ruby on Rails
  • [00:16:06] Forumwarz
  • [00:32:20] Jeff Atwood talks about Forumwarz ...
  • [00:33:28] Discourse
  • [00:47:20] Ember forums - first user of Discourse
  • [00:53:43] Ember.js mobile performance of Discourse
  • [01:05:44] Gamification/trust levels in Discourse
  • [01:09:42] The "Evil Trout" alias
  • [01:14:02] Picks

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