24: I have been Looking for an Excuse to Exercise my Confessional Personality with Ed Finkler

Kahlil and Henning talk to Ed Finkler about his origin story. Ed tells us about his interested in computers as a user and how to took quite some time for him to become interested in development. He adopted PHP in the early days and also dabbled in JavaScript and Python before returning to PHP. In one of the /dev/hell podcast episodes he reviled that he has suffered from mental illness for most of his life and this gave rise to the Open Sourcing Mental Illness project he is currently involved in.


  • [00:00:00] Pre Show
  • [00:03:50] Henning introduces Ed Finkler
  • [00:04:22] Space Invaders and Pong
  • [00:10:36] C64, Basic
  • [00:18:15] College, HTML
  • [00:25:40] PHP
  • [00:40:28] Desktop applications
  • [00:45:58] Spaz Twitter client
  • [01:08:26] Python
  • [01:20:24] The MicroPHP Manifesto
  • [01:23:15] /dev/hell
  • [01:26:55] Mental Health Issues
  • [01:43:44] Picks


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